LCCD 2048 A/S

Key Features:

¤ Stand alone CCD line scan camera.

¤ 2048 Pixels.

¤ Analog output.

¤ All clock signals included.

¤ Start of Frame output.

¤ Selectable exposure time and pixel clock.

¤ Down to 4.2 µs exposure time (shutter).

¤ Requires +5V only (LCCD2048A-200).

¤ Low cost


The LCCD 2048 A is an easy to use, complete ccd line scan camera on a single 67.5 mm x 31.5 mm sized printed circuit board.
The LCCD-2048 x was designed to provide a low cost ccd line scan camera for application like education or the use as sensor in low volume production instruments.
For operation the LCCD requires power only, additional logic is not required. To provide more flexibility the LCCD has an interface to control exposure time and pixel clock. All inputs are connected to internal pull up resistors, so they can left unconnected if not required.

LCCD 2048

More Information:

PDF datasheet

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 LCCD14A.pdf   (180 kb) LCCD 2048A-14
 (pixel size 14 µ x  14 µ)  datasheet (rev 3.0 )

 LCCD14S.pdf   (180 kb) LCCD 2048S-14
 (pixel size 14 µ x  14 µ)  datasheet (rev 3.0 ).

 LCCD200A.pdf (180 kb) LCCD 2048A-200
 (pixel size 14 µ x 200 µ) datasheet (rev 3.0 )


LCCD-2048, last updated: 11/2012

Specifications are subject to change without notice